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Garmin offers many products and services to outdoors people. With us, you can even order specially bred dogs for your hunting trips. We have several dependable breeds that are well suited for hunting and family life. On top of that, our inventory comprises guns ideally suited to hunting waterfowl and big game.

It is always a wise investment to buy hunting dogs as they will greatly add to your big-game hunting, helping you to find shot animals and retrieve downed birds. We sell only healthy and trained canines that will become your great companions in life and the hunting field.

Top reasons to buy hunting dogs

Hunting is the most obvious reason to get a hunting dog. Having a canine by your side will enhance the whole experience because instead of hitting the woods alone, you will have a helpful companion by your side. However, there are other obvious reasons to buy gun dogs for sale, including:

  • Friendship. The bond you form with your dog while hunting will build a friendship that will extend to your home and family. You get a chance to acquire a trustworthy friend that will bring you a lot of fun and happiness.

  • Challenge. After you buy a gun dog, you have to train it to ensure it does what you expect it to do. This will provide you with a fun and intellectually challenging task to look forward to every day.

  • Exercise. Training a dog requires a lot of time outside. It is good for both your canine and you as you will run and walk in the fresh air for hours.

  • Pride. When your dog is ready to hunt, you will be very proud of your accomplishment and will be able to show your friends and family what you and your dog are capable of.

The list of benefits you acquire when getting a hunting dog can go long. The canines are the most devoted friends that will never betray you, staying by your side until their last breath. When you buy a dog, you get unconditional love that is worth more than money.

Bird dogs for sale - Look through our latest offerings

Looking for a loyal four-legged companion to fowling? Take a look at our extensive gun dogs supply that will meet your hunting requirements:

  • Brittany Spaniels. These dogs were bred primarily for bird hunting and are called “Brittany” spaniels because of their Brittany, France, origins. Spaniels have a friendly character and are easy to train, making them ideal for owners with families.

  • Labrador Retrievers. Labs are highly intelligent and can be used for work and hunting. They were bred for helping fishers drag in nets, and they can retrieve downed birds.

  • Bracco Italianos. This canine is a pointer, making it an excellent breed for hunting ground-nesting birds like quail and turkeys.

  • Beagles. The gun gods of this breed are not only helpful in hunting rabbits and foxes, but they can also be used to flush birds.

Our assortment of hunting dogs is not limited to the breeds mentioned above. We also have terriers, coonhounds, and bloodhounds.

The guns and dogs supply store you can always depend on

Here at Garmin GPS Suppliers, you can get not only a hunting canine but also a shotgun or rifle at an optimum price. Our guns are ideal for bringing down waterfowl and bigger game like deer and wild boar. We have everything from muzzleloading rifles for shooting deer to smaller .22 caliber rifles.

Our bird dogs for sale are bred by experienced and knowledgeable breeders. That is why we are so sure you will be happy with your purchase. If you are interested in getting a dog, please contact us during regular business hours.