The Hellcat Maxx cap light - Your ultimate night hunting light

Hellcat Maxx light is the ultimate accessory in any hunter’s inventory because they have several essential features that ensure a safe and successful hunting trip. At Garmin GPS Suppliers, we offer several kinds of Hellcat Maxx hunting cap lights for sale. Here you will find different models for all types of headgear and purposes. They come at budget-saving prices to ensure every hunter may get everything they need for a successful and danger-free hunt.

Why to buy hunting hats with lights?

Taking a flashlight on your hunting trip is one of the most thoughtful decisions you can make. However, a hunting hat with lights has several advantages over a simple handheld flashlight:

  • Convenience. Lights mounted on a hard hat, or ball cap are more convenient because you can use your hands to handle your rifle, shotgun, or bow. Handheld flashlights require you to put down the light first and then operate your weapon or hold both simultaneously. Holding both at once is inconvenient and can even be dangerous.

  • Safety. Headgear with a mounted flashlight allows you to maintain positive control over your weapon and decrease the chance of a negligent discharge. It may not only scare away the game for miles but can result in the injury of the hunter or his partners.

  • Success. Animals like feral pigs are often hunted at night. The Hellcat Maxx cap light comes with different colored lights that pigs cannot detect, and because they are hands-free, you will be able to shine the light and take aim.

  • Find your way. Successful hunts occur early in the morning or late afternoon before sunset, which entails moving around in the dark. Many things can happen to and from the stand or blind, like tripping, encountering a poisonous snake, or getting lost. Buy a hunting hat with a light to illuminate the way and avoid any mishaps.

Our hunting cap light specifications

Hellcat Maxx lights have all the specifications you need for a safe and enjoyable hunting trip:

  • High and low-intensity spotlights for bright illumination and walking

  • Low and high greed and red lights

  • Built-in hinge mount that allows them to be easily and securely mounted on ball caps or hard hats

  • An adjustment button for changing the light settings

Rely on Garmin GPS Suppliers to opt for hunting lights online

The Garmin GPS Suppliers store has been leading the American hunting appliances market for five years now. Our success is built on knowledge, trust, and respect, which is why we have become a mainstay out here in Mountain Country.

Our Colorado store is the ultimate destination for hunters because we provide reliable service and affordable rates. If you want to buy a hunting hat with a dependable Maxx Light attached, come on down to our store in Glenwood Springs, or contact us by phone, email, or by filling out our contact form.